The Science Museum A Brief History of Stuff : The Extraordinary Stories of Ordinary Objects



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Author: DK

History of science

Published on 6 June 2024 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Science Museum' series.

Hardback | 240 pages
262 x 208 x 22 | 1036g

Explore the past, present and future of the everyday stuff in your home, from tinned food to tampons. Learn how 30,000 bath toys and the work of amateur beachcombers have helped scientists study ocean currents. Explore how the search for a death ray led to the creation of the microwave oven and ready meals. Discover the surprising link between sticky tape and the Nobel Prize.

Uncover the extraordinary stories of ordinary objects in this perfect gift for curious minds. From the creators of the A Brief History of Stuff podcast and inspired by the incredible artefacts in the Science Museum Group Collection, this collection of entertaining essays reveals the fascinating history behind some of the most mundane items in our homes.