Creating Effective Spaces : Declutter, Organise and Maintain Your Space



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Author: Swingler, Natasha

Feng Shui

Published on 4 April 2024 by Dorling Kindersley Ltd (DK) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 192 pages
224 x 177 x 21 | 602g

An effective space is one that works for you, liberating you to live the life you want. Natasha takes you around the home and shares her hacks from the kitchen to the bedroom via the bathroom and entranceway. Never again will you need to step over your 'floordrobe', rifle through the shoe rack, or spend ten minutes searching for keys.

Applying Natasha's 'house rules' to every room, drawer and cupboard, you'll learn to ditch the complex systems, keep things where you use them and set all-important boundaries throughout your home.

Taking the questionnaire at the start of the book will reveal the priorities for your living space. Then, by implementing daily routines, simple systems and practical processes tailored to your needs, you will create an ideal stress-free environment that looks good, too.

With beautiful photography throughout, and step-by-step diagrams of folds for everything from towels and T-shirts to gift-wrap, Natasha's system for creating a serene home can be applied to any space, large or small.