The Battle of the Atlantic : How the Allies Won the War



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Author: Dimbleby, Jonathan

c 1939 to c 1945 (including WW2)

Published on 19 May 2016 by Penguin Books Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 560 pages
131 x 198 x 40 | 426g

'Majestic. Truly gripping' Andrew RobertsThe Battle of the Atlantic was the single most important - and longest - campaign of the Second World War. If Britain lost this vital supply route it lost the war. In Jonathan Dimbleby's brilliant and dramatic new account we see how this epic struggle for maritime mastery played out, from the politicians and admirals to the men on and under the sea and their families waiting at home. Filled with haunting and hair-raising stories of chases, ambushes, sinkings, stalkings, disasters and rescues, The Battle of the Atlantic is a monumental work of history as it was lived and fought.

'Recounts the horror and humanity of life on those perilous oceans' Independent'Dimbleby moves with skill from scene to scene, eavesdropping on the great statesmen like Churchill, the merchant seamen who carried out their orders, the U-boat commanders who tried to sink them and the families of those who lost their lives at sea' Mail on Sunday