Magic Magnifying Glass: My Amazing Body



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Author: Dickmann, Nancy, Howling, Adam

Novelty, toy & die-cut books

Published on 24 August 2021 by Quarto Publishing PLC (Wide Eyed Editions) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 38 pages
237 x 322 x 22 | 832g

Use your Magic Magnifying Glass to see inside the most fascinating place of all: the human body! See how the heart beats, the lungs breathe and muscles can keep us moving as you explore the inner workings of your amazing body. With your amazing x-ray magnifying glass, you'll be able to peer beneath the surface and examine muscles, nerves, organs and bones.

On each spread, read all about different aspects of the human body, from the hair on your head to the tips of your toes, skin cells to skeletons and so much more. Discover how each bit of you has a job to do and how they work together to get it done. Then, get the inside story on each organ, bone and muscle using your special x-ray magnifying glass (included).

With real scientific detail and a fun novelty twist,Magic Magnifying Glass: My Amazing Bodyis the perfect introduction to anatomy for the budding biologist. This hands-on interactive exploration book is sure to delight any curious 6-8 year-old, boys and girls alike.