The British Motor Industry



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Author: Wood, Jonathan

United Kingdom, Great Britain

Published on 10 May 2010 by Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (Shire Publications) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Shire Library' series.

Paperback | 64 pages, 1 col
209 x 149 x 7 | 160g

Austin, Hillman, Morris, Standard and Wolseley were a handful of the myriad marques that once constituted Britain's indigenous motor industry. Born in 1896 into the high summer of Victorian prosperity, the native British industry survived until the collapse of The Rover Group in 2005. Jonathan Wood chronicles its 109-year life, from its production of hand-made bespoke automobiles for the fortunate few to the arrival of mass production to provide cars for the many. He looks at the factories and the people who worked in them, and examines the role played by the component manufacturers that serviced the industry. Wood offers explanations as to why motor manufacturing followed the British motorcycle, bicycle and cotton industries into oblivion.