The Wiccan Handbook : A Modern Guide to the Symbols, Spells and Rituals of Witchcraft



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Author: Bowes, Susan

Witchcraft & Wicca

Published on 2 September 2021 by Octopus Publishing Group (Pyramid) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 144 pages
138 x 181 x 18 | 312g

Hidden within all of us is a special set of powers. Learning the tools of wicca and witchcraft unlocks those powers and opens the door on to a new world. This essential handbook is filled with everything you need to know in order to live in harmony with yourself and the natural world. It features detailed information on the most important elements of a modern-day wiccan way of life, including how to celebrate all the sabbats of the year, casting a sacred circle, writing and casting spells, essential everyday tools, and interpreting and understanding the four elements and their correspondences. You will also find advice on using the healing properties of herbs, trees, crystals, colours, numbers and astrological energies to empower and enhance your work. The Wiccan Handbook is an indispensable guide to embracing wicca and witchcraft in our modern world, bringing more meaning and significance to your everyday life. Contents Introduction Part 1: The Story of Witchcraft The Early Times

Modern Witchcraft

Part 2: Getting Started The Tools of the Trade

Part 3: Practicing Witchcraft

Magical Charms and Symbols The Witch's Calendar

Casting a Sacred Circle

The Witch's Way to Draw in Love Creating Abundance

Creating Miracles