The Brilliant World of Tom Gates



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Author: Pichon, Liz


Published on 3 January 2019 by Scholastic in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Tom Gates' series.

Paperback | 272 pages
191 x 15 x 20 | 252g

'Funny, gripping and exciting. This fun illustrated

book inspired me to start doodling!' says Florence, The

Week Junior's Summer of Reading 2023

'10 out of 10.' The Guardian

The first title in the bestselling series

from the brilliantly talented Liz Pichon.

Tom Gates is the master of excuses for late homework:

dog attacks & spilt water & lightning...

Tom's exercise book is full of his doodles, cartoons and thoughts,

as well as comments from his long-suffering teacher, Mr Fullerton.

After gaining five merits for his


holiday story, Tom's work starts to go downhill -

which is a pity, as he's desperate to impress Amy Porter, who

sits next to him...


Written in diary form

Full of Tom's doodles and pictures & his amazing sense of


This first title in the series, was the winner of the Roald Dahl

Funny Prize!

Perfect gifts for boys & girls who love to laugh themselves


The first TV series of The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

won the Scottish BAFTA for Entertainment!

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Praise for The Brilliant World of Tom Gates

'This entertaining book tackles the serious issues of bullying,

poverty and difficult family circumstances with a light-hearted

touch.' BookTrust

'this book's perfect for... anyone, really. Boys AND girls

can read it. Mainly because it's so funny!' Love