How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You



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Author: The Oatmeal, Inman, Matthew


Published on 11 October 2012 by Andrews McMeel Publishing in the United States as part of 'The Oatmeal' series.

Paperback | 136 pages
227 x 179 x 13 | 506g

Brilliantly whimsical yet oddly informative, is an entertainment site full of comics, quizzes, and stories. Matthew Inman, creator of, is a king of all trades when it comes to the Web. He writes, draws, and codes everything on the site, and his viral marketing skills make the site a huge success. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill Youis a very funny, creative selection of comics, facts, and instructional guides, which all stem from the creative wonderland at The book will be designed to create suspense/anticipation with page turns analogous to the experience of scrolling down through the panels on the website. For example, 'Cat vs. Internet' will use page turns to draw out the reader's anticipation of what the crafty kitty might do next to get attention from his Internet-fixated owner. Other favourite cat comics include 'How to Pet a Kitty,' 'The Bobcats,' and '17 Things Worth Knowing About Your Cat.' A pull-out poster will be included at the back of the book.