The Emperor's Exile (Eagles of the Empire 19) : The thrilling Sunday Times bestseller



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Author: Scarrow, Simon


Published on 15 April 2021 by Headline Publishing Group (Headline Book Publishing) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Eagles of the Empire' series.

Paperback | 448 pages, Maps and chart
128 x 196 x 35 | 320g

The Sunday Times bestseller - a thrilling new adventure in Simon Scarrow's acclaimed Eagles of the Empire series. Perfect for readers of Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell. READERS CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF SIMON SCARROW'S BOOKS!'I could not put it down' ***** - AMAZON REVIEW'Awesome read . . . ' ***** - AMAZON REVIEW'A storytelling master . . . I loved this novel and can't wait for the next' ***** - AMAZON REVIEW'If you have read the previous books, you already know how good they are . . . If you have not read any of these books, then get started!' ***** - AMAZON REVIEWA.D. 57. Battle-scarred veterans of the Roman army Tribune Cato and Centurion Macro return to Rome. Thanks to the failure of their recent campaign on the eastern frontier they face a hostile reception at the imperial court. Their reputations and future are at stake. When Emperor Nero's infatuation with his mistress is exploited by political enemies, he reluctantly banishes her into exile. Cato, isolated and unwelcome in Rome, is forced to escort her to Sardinia. Arriving on the restless, simmering island with a small cadre of officers, Cato faces peril on three fronts: a fractured command, a deadly plague spreading across the province...and a violent insurgency threatening to tip the province into blood-stained chaos. IF YOU DON'T KNOW SIMON SCARROW, YOU DON'T KNOW ROME!MORE PRAISE FOR SIMON SCARROW'S NOVELS'Scarrow's [novels] rank with the best' Independent'Blood, gore, political intrigue' Daily Sport'Always a joy' The Times