Unseen Universe : New Secrets of the Cosmos Revealed by the James Webb Space Telescope



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Author: Harper, Dr Caroline

Astronomy, space & time

Published on 2 May 2024 by Quercus Publishing (Greenfinch) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 224 pages, 138 photographs/illustrations
196 x 254 x 21 | 902g

This is the universe as you've never seen it before. Discover how the awe-inspiring images from Webb are rapidly changing our understanding of our solar system and beyond.

From the towering dust cliffs of the Carina Nebula to Jupiter glowing like an iridescent disco ball in the sky, these stunning new images have captured the imagination of millions all over the world. Launched on 25th December 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope is the most powerful and complex space telescope ever built, capturing a glimpse of deep space billions of years in the past. Now, Dr Caroline Harper and contributing astrophysicists from across Europe and the USA use Webb's photography to answer 10 of the biggest questions humankind has about the universe, including:·

How are stars born?·

How do galaxies form and evolve?·

What are the origins of black holes?·

Where do planets get their water?·

Are we alone in the universe?·

Is the universe expanding or infinite?Discover the science behind these beautiful images, which are revealing hidden details of the universe and clues to how it all began, and what awaits us in the future.