50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know



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Author: Birch, Hayley

Popular science

Published on 6 June 2024 by Quercus Publishing (Greenfinch) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the 50 Ideas You Really Need to Know series' series.

Paperback | 208 pages
112 x 179 x 17 | 144g

Master the chemistry ideas that shape the world we live in today.

In a series of 50 accessible essays, Hayley Birch introduces and explains everything you need to know about the world of chemistry, offering fascinating insights into our origins and life as we know it. From the molecules that kick-started life itself to nanotechnology and from fermentation to the periodic table, 50 Chemistry Ideas You Really Need to Know is a complete introduction to the most important chemistry concepts in history.

Contents include: Thermodynamics, Catalysts, Fermentation, Green Chemistry, Separation, Crystallography, Microfabrication, Computational Chemistry, Chemistry Occurring in Nature, Manmade Solutions: Beer, Plastic, Artificial Muscles and Hydrogen Future.