The Second Life of Inspector Canessa



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Author: Perrone, Roberto, Goslow, Hamish

Crime & mystery

Published on 27 August 2020 by PUSHKIN PRESS in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Walter Presents' series.

Paperback | 416 pages
131 x 197 x 32 | 342g

Annibale Canessa was a legend: the most notorious cop during Italy's brutal Years of Lead, he hunted down terrorist suspects with unmatched ferocity. But then the fighting stopped, and suddenly Canessa was a soldier without a war.

30 years later and he's settled into a life of calm by the sea - until some shattering news pulls him back in. His estranged brother has been found dead; lying beside him, the body of an ex-terrorist, a man Canessa himself caught. Returning to Milan, Canessa finds the rules of the game have changed: alliances have shifted and brute force won't cut it anymore. Trusting no-one, he launches an investigation into dense networks of corruption that will bring him right back to his own past.