SORT YOUR LIFE OUT : 3 Steps to Transform Your Home & Change Your Life



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Author: team, The BBC Sort Your Life Out

Home & house maintenance

Published on 4 January 2024 by Ebury Publishing (BBC Books) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 256 pages
157 x 223 x 27 | 406g

The first official book from the life-changing BBC One show, Sort Your Life Out will have you falling back in love with your home in three simple steps:1. STRIP - how to let go and clear out the clutter (when you don't have a warehouse to hand)!2. SORT - time to sell, donate, recycle and upcycle.

3. SYSTEMISE - learn how to organise, fold and store in a way that is manageable and sustainable.

Filled with every tip and trick from your favourite experts Stacey, Dilly, Iwan and Rob, this empowering book will give you the tools to transform your home and get that Sort Your Life Out mindset.