Tales of the Sea



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Author: Chiang, Maggie

Myth & legend told as fiction

Published on 31 March 2022 by CHRONICLE BOOKS in the United States.

Hardback | 160 pages, HC, 7 x 9 in, 152 pp, foil stamping and textured case, unjacketed, 20 colour images
197 x 236 x 21 | 652g

A secret path leads across the water to a dragon's kingdom. A mermaid avenges the death of a human girl. A monstrous squid guards the most beautiful pearl in the world. This collection of traditional folktales captures the mysterious and magical power of the ocean. As you sail uncharted waters from Norway to New Zealand and Ghana to Korea, you'll encounter underwater palaces, brave seafarers, and monsters of the deep. Each story is paired with luminous contemporary art. With creamy paper, a ribbon marker, and a cover adorned with shimmering foil, this handsome hardcover is truly a book to treasure.