You'd Look Better as a Ghost



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Author: Wallace, Joanna

Crime & mystery

Published on 21 September 2023 by Profile Books Ltd (Viper) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 336 pages
163 x 243 x 34 | 544g

'An absolute roller-coaster of a read' - DAILY MAIL'The most fun you're ever likely to have with a hammer-wielding maniac' - DAILY EXPRESS'Refreshingly original and laugh-out-loud funny' - CLARE MACKINTOSHI have a gift. I see people as ghosts before they die.

Of course, it helps that I'm the one killing them.

The night after her father's funeral, Claire meets Lucas in a bar. Lucas doesn't know it, but it's not a chance meeting. One thoughtless mistyped email has put him in the crosshairs of an extremely put-out serial killer. But even before they make eye contact, before Claire lets him buy her a drink, before she takes him home and carves him up into little pieces, something about that night is very wrong. Because someone is watching Claire. Someone who is about to discover her murderous little hobby.

The thing is, it's not sensible to tangle with a part-time serial killer, even one who is distracted by attending a weekly bereavement support group and trying to get her art career off the ground. Claire will do anything to keep her secret hidden - not to mention the bodies buried in her garden. Let the games begin...

Dexter meets Killing Eve in this superb thriller, perfect for fans of How To Kill Your Family and My Sister, the Serial Killer.

'A welcome addition to darkly humorous female serial killer novels' - GUARDIAN'Delightfully shocking and irreverently funny' - JANICE HALLETT'If Bret Easton Ellis ever went to grief counselling, this would be just the kind of brilliant book he'd write' - PHILIPPA EAST