The Love of My Afterlife



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Author: Greenwood, Kirsty


Published on 20 June 2024 by Cornerstone (Penguin (Cornerstone)) in the United Kingdom.

Paperback | 400 pages
198 x 130 x 25 | 280g

‘This book has it all. Humor, heart, and a heroine I was desperately rooting for. Kirsty Greenwood has a new fan!’ Colleen HooverIf she wasn’t dead already, Delphie would be dying of embarrassment. She’s entered the afterlife wearing the sort of pyjamas you don’t want anyone to see and finds herself face-to-face with the most handsome man she’s ever encountered. And he’s smiling at her.

As they start to chat, everything else becomes background noise – until someone comes running out of a door, yelling something about a huge mistake, and sends the dreamy stranger back down to earth.

In a twist of fate, Delphie is offered a deal in which she can return to her previous life and reconnect with the mysterious man she’s sure is her soulmate.

The challenge? She only has ten days to find him.

Ten days to make him fall for her.

Oh, and he has no recollection of them ever having met…Praise for The Love of My Afterlife: ‘Quirky and romantic and oh so gorgeously memorable – I only wish I’d written it first! I lost a whole day to it and I don’t regret a second’ Josie Silver‘A gorgeously addictive romp of a romantic comedy, with added magic. I adored it’ Clare Pooley‘How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days meets The Good Place … Original and romantic – I loved it’ Sophie Cousens‘An utterly charming romcom that is as hilarious as it is poignant. Reading this book is like receiving a big hug from a dear friend’ Carley Fortune‘A romantic, tender and hilarious page-turner. Every page will bring you joy’ Cathy Bramley‘Kirsty writes like a witty dream. She’s the real deal.’ Mhairi McFarlane‘Reading it is like hanging out with your funniest and cleverest best friend – I never wanted it to end’ Isabelle BroomThe Love of My Afterlife is my dream book and I can’t wait for everyone on the planet to read and love it as much as me’ Lucy Vine‘One of the most life-affirming books I’ve read’ Cressida McLaughlin‘One of the best, most hilarious and unique romcoms I’ve read in a long time!! Kirsty Greenwood absolutely killed it!’ Amy Lea‘So smart and so joyous’ Lia Louis‘Kirsty Greenwood is the funniest, freshest romcom writer in the genre’ Cesca Major‘Funny, joyful, uplifting, page-turning and unpredictable. This will undoubtedly be one of the biggest books of 2024’ Becky Hunter‘I'm going to be telling every person in my life to read this book’ Alicia Thompson‘A truly dreamy love story. I adored every page’ Uzma Jalaluddin'Utter joy' Prima