The Mythology Puzzle Book : Brain-Teasing Puzzles, Games and Trivia



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Author: Nightingale, Francis

Myth & legend told as fiction

Published on 9 May 2024 by Octopus Publishing Group (Summersdale Publishers) in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 240 pages, Approx. 170 black and white illustrations (20 for mazes, 30 for counting conundrums, 20 f
135 x 205 x 23 | 344g

Whether you're already mad for mythology or just curious about these timeless tales of marvel and mystery, step into the enchanting world of gods, monsters and mortals with this treasure trove of puzzlesFilled with warring deities, tricksters, heroes and extraordinary creatures, this collection of puzzles encompasses a variety of legendary figures from across the globe. From creation myths and tales of the underworld to Greek mythology and the legends of Oceania, this book includes all the infamous epics as well as stories you may not have heard before.

Featuring classic conundrums, quizzes, crosswords, sudokus and more, there is plenty within these pages to fill your mind with wisdom and wonder.

Inside this book you will be challenged to:- Find the names of creatures from Celtic myth hiding within word searches- Spot the difference between the two Chinese dragons- Solve the maze to help Theseus escape the LabyrinthAnd much more!