Atlas of Animal Adventures



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Author: Letherland, Lucy, Williams, Rachel, Hawkins, Emily

Interest age: from c 7 years

Published on 1 September 2016 by Quarto Publishing PLC (Wide Eyed Editions) in the United Kingdom as part of 'the Atlas of' series.

Hardback | 96 pages
377 x 283 x 14 | 1048g

From the team behind the bestselling Atlas of Adventures, this journey of discovery takes you in large format through 31 of natures most unmissable animal events from between the two poles.

Celebrate the incredible ways in which animals survive in the wild, fromepic migrations andextraordinary behaviours toHerculean habits. There are hundreds of things to spot and facts to learnwith every turn of the page, as youll meet another of natures most adventurous creatures, learning about their amazing behaviours and habitats.

Each section begins with an infographic map of the region it explores, followed by richly detailed two-page spreads featuring its most fascinating creatures. Youll get to run with the wildebeest in Kenya, nest with the puffins in Iceland, parade with the peacocks in India, hit the dance floor with the birds of paradise in New Guineaand go north with the narwhals of Canada, among many other adventures.

The quirky illustrations make the animals lives relatable to our own with humorous surprises: look out for a drone bee delivering a bunch of flowers to his queen, polar bears using binoculars to watch for seals, and cold-blooded iguanas basking in the sun on beach blankets.

Interesting facts and figures pepper the scenes. Did you know that a Zambian fruit bat can gobble up to twice its body weight in fruit each night? Or that elephants have longer pregnancies than any other land animal about 22 months!? Or that, at only one day old, a caribou calf can outrun a human? A 'Can you find?'page at the back challenges you to explore the pages even deeper by locating the pictured animals and objects.

Children and adults alike will find inspiration in the extraordinary feats of these wonderful creatures.