Treasury of Folklore: Woodlands and Forests : Wild Gods, World Trees and Werewolves



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Author: Chainey, Dee Dee, Winsham, Willow

Folklore, myths & legends

Published on 5 August 2021 by Batsford Ltd in the United Kingdom.

Hardback | 192 pages
200 x 146 x 23 | 484g

An entertaining and enthralling collection of myths, tales and traditions surrounding our trees, woodlands and forests from around the world.

From the dark, gnarled woodlands of the north, to the humid jungles of the southern lands, trees have captured humanitys imagination for millennia. Filled with primal gods and goddesses, dryads and the fairy tales of old, the forests still beckon to us, offering sanctuary, mystery and more than a little mischievous trickery. From insatiable cannibalistic children hewn from logs, to lumberjack lore, and the spine-chilling legend of Bloody Mary, there is much to be found between the branches. Come into the trees; witches, seductive spirits and big, bad wolves await you.

With this book, Folklore Thursday aim to encourage a sense of belonging across all cultures by showing how much we all have in common.