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Author: Baruzzi, Agnese


Published on 26 September 2019 by White Star in Italy as part of 'the Baby Montessori' series.

Board Book | 20 pages
160 x 159 x 15 | 200g

In this new collection, the black, white, and red Baby Montessori board books, the scientific studies on the visual development and the Montessori theory on the visual skills of new-borns are combined to stimulate the attitude of babies in recognising shapes and figures with net borders. The four board books propose progressive visual complexity, starting from black and white contrast and moving on with a third vibrant colour: red. Red is recognised by the baby from the third month of life forward. The variety of subjects (animals, vegetables, fruits, path to follow with the fingers) keep the interest of the baby during the first year of life. Ages 0 to 12 months