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Free Local

by Dizz Tate (Author)


  • Paperback / softback
  • 240 pages
  • Signed by the author

  • 'Riveting.' Elle

    'Brilliant.' Sophie Mackintosh

    'Glittering.' Marie Claire

    'Enthralling.' New York Times

    'Manages to bottle up that chaotic and messy feeling of girlhood.' Stylist

    Huddled at a bedroom window, a group of teenagers peer out at their scorched, swampy, fame-hungry town. Taking turns with the binoculars, their gaze sweeps across the highway and the abandoned construction site to the lake. Figures drift across the landscape: mothers, fathers, a preacher's daughter.

    These girls know everything about everyone - perhaps too much.

    'Beautiful and deeply strange. I loved it.' Mariana Enriquez

    'Assured, insightful, quietly savage.' Nicole Flattery

    'Brutes feels wonderfully untethered, wild and unpredictable.' Danya Kukafka