Denua, Warrior Queen



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by Philip Gregge

  • Paperback 
  • Signed by the author 


new Quick as a lightning flash, I loosed off my first arrow. It was longer than I was used to and the pull was much heavier. But here, this was no disadvantage, for the fighting was close, and all that was needed was what I had, quickness and accuracy. I had already notched my second when I saw the first hit. I blazed away, I swear I had never shot so swiftly till that day... and nine of the ten arrows which found their marks were mine.

Meet Denua, a warrior woman of royalty, courage and faith. Set against the historical backdrop of the decline of Rome and the birth of England and France, Denua leads brave men into battle, travels across ancient Britain and Gaul, meets other intriguing travellers and obstacles along the way and rescues the original ‘Princess in the Tower’. Her gripping tale is filled with adventure, romance, pain and hope.

In his debut book, Philip Gregge expertly weaves historical facts with fictional characters so real, it's often impossible to tell the difference.

‘A vivid and well-constructed tale, a pacey blend of history and invention. The author holds the reins lightly with no trace of self-importance, treating weighty matters with seriousness and humour.’
Andy Raine, Author of ‘Celtic Illustrations’