Growing Goats and Girls : Living the Good Life on a Cornish Farm - ESCAPISM AT ITS LOVELIEST



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by Rosanne Hodin

  • Paperback / softback

'A delightful and funny memoir of her family's crazy life in the English countryside. Perfect escapist reading for these locked-down times.' - SALMAN RUSHDIE'a heartwarming tale of country living' - SUNDAY EXPRESS'a charming memoir and a perfect choice for these unsettling times' - DEVON LIFE'A total joy... enchanting, hilarious and vivid...

Beautifully written, richly informative...' - LIZ CALDER'A gem ... A heart-warming memoir of moving to the glorious Cornish countryside and taking up farming is the perfect antidote to city life.' - NIKOLA SCOTT"A love letter to the British countryside...a wonderfully earthy story of fresh Cornish adventure from start to finish." - TOWN & COUNTRY"A light-hearted account of 30 years of trial and error on a Cornish farm...I loved every minute..." - SAGAEver dream of packing up and escaping to a simpler life on the land, just the Cornish landscape and a few cows and goats rising up to greet you each day? When Rosanne and her husband left city life for the Cornwall idyll they knew little of farming, the seasons and milking; but over time they found their way, rising to each new challenge and embracing all that the land gave them. Growing Goats and Girls lovingly and invitingly charts the rural, hardworking and joyfully haphazard lives of Rosanne and her husband as they escape London to live off the land.

In their tumbled-down farmhouse in Cornwall, they learn to rear goats, chickens, cows, bees - and two children - get to grips with unruly machinery and cantankerous farmers, and chart the changing seasons in glorious countryside over thirty years. Heart-warming and uplifting in its celebration of the simple things, this earthy portrait of life on the land taps into our collective imagination. After all, who hasn't dreamed of new beginnings, escaping into nature and living more simply.

Growing Goats and Girls reminds us to appreciate the fleeting, timeless moments of beauty, nature and the simple comforts of family life.