One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth



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by Nicola Davies

  • Hardback

Nicola Davies and Jenni Desmond's first collaboration: a spectacular tour of Planet Earth and a powerful rallying cry. Where on Earth are you, right now? It's late where I am and almost everyone's asleep, but I'm awake, looking out into the night. Wondering...

As the clock strikes midnight, a little girl and her sister visit animals of every shape and size, all around the world - discovering that, in some places, creatures have just started their day, where in others they're already busy hunting for food. Turning the popular concept of time-zones on its head and combining it with a powerful climate message and delightful illustrations, this book is narrative non-fiction at its most spellbinding. "Nicola Davies is one of the best children's writers in the business." Huffington Post"Jenni Desmond knows just how to make children's precious imaginations soar." Guardian