Rebel Crafts : 15 Craftivism Projects to Change the World



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Free Local

by Hester Van Overbeek 

  • Hardback

From hand-painted signs and stickered slogans to knitted hats and radical badges, craft and protest have always gone together. Combine your passion for making with your desire to make your voice heard with 15 step-by-step craftivism projects. Rebel Crafts is a fun and informative collection of activism-inspired activities created by experienced crafter Hester van Overbeek.

Hester will teach you how to screen-print a slogan T-shirt, create bespoke paper for letter-writing campaigns and bring inspiration to your neighbourhood with a handmade mini-library. With your own hands, you can make a difference, resist injustice and spark change in your community. It all starts with craft.